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Miracle Salenite plate


Chakra: Crown

Mineral: Gypsum

Fitting: Harmony, Peace, and Protection


Promotes mental clarity

Increases a person’s awareness of himself and their environment.

Charges and cleans up other crystals.

Illuminates the surroundings.

Beneficial for establishing ties with the world of angels.

Guards against outside influences that could harm one’s interests.

Brings profound peace

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The selenite plate exhibits the “moon brilliance” that gave rise to the term “selenite.” Selenite is ideal for all forms of energy purification. You may clear, save, and cover your energy body with the help of this potent healing and cleansing crystal. Your room is filled with pure, white light from selenite healing, which raises the energy level. The beautiful crystal plate is inherently self-cleaning and absorbs negativity from its surroundings. Additionally, other crystals may be charged with it. According to Vastu and Feng Shui, Selenite possesses the energy to harmonise the mind, body, and soul. Bring the selenite plate home and set it on the nightstand or coffee table next to your bed so you can feel the calm it encourages.


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