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Miracle Nazarbattu


Also known as: Evil Eye Warder

Chakra: Root Chakra

Fitting: Grounding, Balancing, Protection

Mineral: Black Tourmaline


  1. Transforms dense energy into a lighter frequency and cleans, cleanses, and does so.
  2. Prevents negative energy and ESP assaults
  3. Aids in maintaining impartiality and objectivity for reasonable decisions
  4. Reduce anxiety and obsessive thoughts that come up often.
  5. Strengthens resiliency in the face of severe hardship
  6. Provides protection against radiation, noise sensitivity, and electromagnetic “smog”
  7. Stimulates the immunological system and helps the body to detoxify
  8. Addresses pleurisy, pneumonia, emphysema, and bronchitis



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The Evil Eye, or Buri Nazar, has been a subject of legend since the beginning of time. distinct cultures have distinct manifestations of the concept of Buri Nazar. If someone deliberately casts a bad eye to disrupt peace, your life, or your career, Nazar battu will shield you from evil. Through it, uplifting energy spreads all around us. Your family will be protected from negative forces by it. To ward against evil spirits, the Nazar battu can be worn around the neck. It may be attached to the front of a car or hanging in front of a house to drive away bad energy.

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