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Hair Pin


Material : 18k Gold Plated Brass

Weight : 0.6 Gram

Dimensions : 6.5 cm

Chakra : Root Chakra

Fitting : Stability & Grounding

Mineral : Chalcedony & Silica


  1. A specialist in good fortune.
  2. Offers defence against malevolent spirits.
  3. Has a soothing effect.
  4. Aids in coping with anxiety and difficult circumstances.
  5. Helps one make informed judgements and identify the underlying causes of problems.
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Genuine black onyx crystal, a stone of tremendous decisiveness and strength, is displayed in the brooch clip. Because black onyx is cherished by feng shui practitioners and spiritual warriors everywhere, wearing the magnificent brooch by pinning it to a dress, blouse, or using it as a hair item for special events as well as every day will give you power and confidence.


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