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Crystal Necklace


Material : 18k Gold Plated Brass

Weight : 0.11 Gram

Measurements : 25 cm Stone Size: 2.5 cm

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Appropriate for: Spirituality, Dialogue, and Self-Expression

Mineral: Aluminosilicate


  1. Stimulates, opens, activates, and cures the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.
  2. Encourages all forms of connection, self-expression, and expressing the truth.
  3. Facilitate communication.
  4. Opens the mind and strengthens psychic skills
  5. Offers a conduit for the transmission and reception of healing energy.
  6. Encourages heeding intuitive direction and leading a purposeful life.
  7. Aids in mending strained relationships.
  8. Facilitates the movement of divergent energies into resonance.
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The enticing blue kyanite is associated with Gemini’s duality and Pisces’s receptivity. The expressive stone Blue Kyanite, which has a strong vibration and soothing blue tones, continuously envelops the user in a lyrical and light energy. The adorable blue pendant on the gleaming gold chain can make you the centre of attention at any gathering or party.

NOTE : Handle your Jewellery gently and keep it out of harsh environments to retain its quality. Avoid wearing it in extremely hot or cold environments, and protect it from blows and scratches. Do not expose it to fragrances.


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